About Us

Hello and Welcome to the Orleans Community!
On behalf of the Orleans Board of Directors, we would like to welcome you to your new home and to our community. The Orleans community is made up of one master section and two subsections.
Orleans North is the Master section of the community, this section is made up of single-family homes and these residents only pay their Annual dues for this area of the community.
Bordeaux is a subsection of Orleans North and is comprised of Patio Homes, these residents pay both their monthly dues for Bordeaux as well as Annual dues for Orleans North.
French Quarter is another subsection of Orleans North, also comprised of single-family homes, and also have access to the pool located within this section of the community. French Quarter residents pay both their Semi-Annual dues to French Quarter as well as Annual dues to Orleans North. 
The operation of your homeowner's association is governed by a Board of volunteer directors. The Board of Directors is elected to the community to oversee the daily functions and financial responsibilities of the Association. The Board is also responsible for maintaining member's compliance with the established covenants and bylaws of the Association. They have a specific provision regarding what can and cannot be done on your property. Please take the time to read through the Bylaws and Covenant documents you received during the home purchase process. They are additionally available via this website.
Vertex Professional Group is our contracted management company. They can be reached at 859-491-5711 ext.6753, or through our community email at Orleans@VertexPG.com. Vertex should be contacted for service issues on community property, complaints regarding specific bylaw violations, Improvement Applications, and for any questions regarding your homeowners' dues assessments.
Again, welcome to Orleans Community!
The Orleans North Board Members
  • Stephen Schulte
  • Rodger Biddle
  • Cindy Hebel
  • Tracy Codell
  • Abel Bustamante